Whether we are deciding on the best time to travel, looking to improve our in-flight experience, or making sure we have booked the best possible Private Jet Charter from a company like Jettly, flying thousands of feet in the air can give us a dilemma, especially when we’re not as prepared as we should be. Sometimes, our plane boarding comfort lies in taking very simple steps. Very few travelers can share these secret tips with us on social media. That’s why we decided to put them on this blog.

Moderate-Intensity Workout Before Flight Helps With Better Sleep

A long-haul flight scares us sometimes and we just want to fall asleep faster once on board. Before departure, it pays to hit the gym the day before. This is a great way to offset the inevitable fatigue brought by sitting for too long. A pre-flight workout can be as simple as a 30-minute walk to the airport. After booking, we should not just stroll. Let our blood flow by jogging a little. Stretching out minimizes the stiffness of waiting for the next few hours in the aircraft. If we must sleep on the plane, it is good to keep off the light using eye masks. Some airplanes give masks to travelers but it is good to carry our own. There are many sources of light in the cabin including movie screens, sunlight, reading lights, etc.

Tracking Luggage

Not being able to find our travel bags is a very frustrating experience. But a few techniques can put us at ease. The airline’s online mobile app is a tool we should take advantage of. All we have to do is key in the tag number on our bags on the app. The airline’s website scans luggage and we can countercheck before the plane takes off. Another technology depends on Bluetooth tracking and GSM. We can put these devices inside our travel bags to help us locate the backpacks with our phones. Life is easy when we know where our belongings are.

Coffee is a No-No

Coffee is the worst drink we can have before boarding an airplane. We all agree that flights are nerve-wracking but flying time is not the right time to calm nerves with caffeine. You can instead opt to drink fruit juice or a cannabis smoothie (learn more at https://buymyweedonline.net/raw-cannabis-smoothies/). The latter can actually do wonders for calming your nerves. Besides, we have been advised to avoid coffee most of the time. Even though it makes us feel energized, we end up upsetting our empty stomachs with hot mugs of coffee. Then we trigger uneasiness, making us feel dehydrated and nauseated. These commotions could cause headaches, flare-ups, and heartburn not to mention the jittery and discomfort of changing altitudes. This is contrary to the notion that coffee is a relaxation dose. If you are insistent on having coffee, however, you may wish to get yourself some heartburn relief from somewhere like https://www.zantacotc.com/, just in case it does flare up.

Clearing the Head with Essential Oils

One of the best essential oils for a clear head is peppermint oil. It is known to suppress nausea, calm the stomach, and free headaches. The aroma is so uplifting that it curbs both physical and mental fatigue. A drop of essential o applied on the back can manage back pain and promote good blood flow. But how do we take aromatherapy with us on the plane? Well, there are restrictions on the carrying of liquids but there are other ways to get around them. For instance, peppermint oil is absorbent and is easier to apply on handkerchief, cotton, wipes, or tissue. Alternatively, we can put a little amount (3 ounces or less) on containers.

Foods to Avoid Before Flight

We are usually tempted to snack between leaving our houses and boarding a place. Many times, we have fallen for grabs at the airport gates. The issue with these fast foods is that they contain too many additives, salts, sugars, and fat. It would be healthier if we carry home-made snacks. Another category of foods to avoid before a flight is the gas giants e.g. beans, onions, lentils, sodas, and cauliflowers. Some are the healthiest options out there but they can trigger our intestines to go into an uproar. An airplane is usually pressurized and these foods will only cause bloating issues. A high amount of sodium is associated with excess water retention which further exacerbates that over-filled balloon feeling in our stomachs. The best foods and drinks to take before a long flight are sugar-free, moderate proteins, and slow-burn carbs. We should encourage even our kids to take vegetables, hummus, protein bars, grain crackers, and home-made juices before traveling.

Things fee and taste different once we are airborne. A high altitude affects almost all our bodily functions, not just the inner ear. To avoid a drastic difference in our stomach feelings and muscles, we have to follow certain protocols. Most of them are a matter of self-discipline.

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