We all know that traveling abroad comes with many challenges, especially if we don’t plan the trip well. Another fear of traveling abroad is wondering what kind of experience we will get in a foreign country. That’s why it is vital that we are aware of some safety and general travel tips. Checking out what to know when travelling to foreign countries such as the right etiquette to do, or what places you cannot go, you can read on as well as do more extensive research, especially if you are going somewhere you have not been before or is known to be a ‘different experience’.

However, with a full-blown pandemic that has disrupted our lives in more ways than one, who knows when we’ll be able to take an actual trip abroad? While staying hopeful that it’s going to happen eventually, there’s nothing wrong in wishing that there has to be something that can satisfy our soul’s calling for adventure. Even while sitting on our couches looking through exotic vacations to go on. Taking virtual tours around the world is definitely an option that might actually soothe the wanderer in us until the next time we get on a plane. Well, until then, let’s hope our prayers work and that these tips will actually come in handy very soon.

For all the hopeful ones, here are some tips on traveling abroad that I use every time I travel. They are grouped into health and safety, luggage, money, and electronics tips.

Health and Safety

Keep Your Passport Secure

Ensuring that I have my documentation in a secure place gives me a sense of security. I also create copies of my passports in case they get stolen. I also make sure I leave a copy of my passport at home.

Having a Travel Insurance Cover

Having a travel insurance cover removes any unnecessary worry about my health and luggage. If you are like me, then you know that you never consider having travel insurance until my luggage gets stolen. I have had my luggage stolen once, and from that incident, I always carry travel insurance.

Research on Security Updates About the Destination

It’s an important factor that I research the security updates of the country I intend to visit so that I don’t find myself in trouble. A good source of this information is the American embassy of that country.

Being Careful With Your Social Media Posts

I tend to post personal updates on social media, and this can put my loved ones at risk of being robbed or even kidnapped and me.


Keep Your Travel Luggage Secured

I need to keep my luggage secured during traveling, especially if I am flying. Investing in quality locks ensures that I don’t have someone stuff something illegal into my bag.

Packing Extra Items

Packing extra items like clothes prevents me from suffering in a foreign country, especially if our bags get stolen, and we are short on money.

Look up the Airlines Luggage Rules and Fees

Knowing the extra fees that the airline we use charges on extra goods gives me a good idea of the amount of luggage I should carry. There are times when I get shocked upon learning the number of extra fees I have to pay to carry my luggage.


Ensuring I have Local Cash

Most places don’t take credit cards, especially if I am using a bus. Local cash ensures that we don’t run into trouble while trying to buy regular items in a foreign country.

Be Aware of the Monetary Conversion Rates

Knowing the monetary conversion of the country we intend to visit gives us an idea of the amount of money we should carry. It also helps me to track my money as I make purchases.

Having Emergency Money

It’s never a good idea to travel to a foreign country without having extra emergency money. Emergency money gives me a sense of security because even if my money runs out, we have some extra money that we can rely on. An important tip is to never store the emergency money together with all our money.


Having Travel Apps

Visiting a new country is always intimidating, especially because I don’t know most of the places. That is why having travel apps in my mobile phone ensures that I know where I am and where I am heading. Travel apps and GPS also enable me not to get lost in a foreign city.

Keeping Your Mobile Phone Safe

If my mobile phone gets stolen, this means that the thief can access my personal information. My phone contains almost all my information and passwords so, as well as getting something like the best vpn for iphone installed on it before I leave so that I can make sure it is as secure as possible (especially if I’ll be using public WiFi), doing what I can to protect it from theft is a high priority when I am traveling. Plus, losing my mobile phone can leave me helpless since I will be unable to make calls. To make sure you are able to make calls and access the internet in other countries, make sure that you are using a good mobile data service provider, like GigSky.

Having a Charger Adapter

Different countries have different voltage and size plugs. Charging our items in advance ensures that they don’t go off. I also research and find out the right adapter to buy once I arrive.

Traveling abroad doesn’t have to be scary. Proper planning and research are all I need. Travelling is an opportunity that gives us a chance to see the world, and we should embrace it.

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